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Painters have process too. These were done by a Markover supporter and friend of the team: Steven Teller. He is a senior at SCAD. 

Often times the people who don’t consider themselves creatives think there is a “photoshop button” for everything. While in the studio late one night, a friend joked that there should be a button like Staple’s Easy button that said: “Just photoshop it.” 

At the time, we were referencing rendering and how long it takes to render a 3-dimensional product. Sometimes it was easier to just photoshop the rendering, instead of waiting for the computer to render all of the details.

But the creative process isn’t as easy as just photoshopping it. And to be clear, photoshop isn’t all that easy either!

We recognize this. Markover wants to help you gather and find inspiration. Find a direction to take and help others pick a direction. 

Markover will encourage and critique your thumbnail sketches, your wireframes, your rapid sketches, your underlays, your drafts, and even your final projects. It’s a community for creators of all types. And we’re starting out by opening our doors to the design and art community.

We’ll even help you quickly connect with other people who are doing similar work so that you can get expert feedback.

If you want to be one of the first 100 people in the door, email KelseyFalter@gmail.com 


Posted on Thursday, October 27th 2011

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We’ll be featuring a weekly video about design. The Bauhaus movement is one near and dear to Markover. Why? So much of design education has stemmed from the Bauhaus time period.

Sure, some undergrad designers might hate seemingly pointless exercises that involve cutting strips of paper into 1/8” by 2” long pieces. Sure it might have been annoying to try to make those strips of paper feel “heavy” or convey the idea of “stability.” 

But without the Bauhaus way, we would have none of this:

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th 2011